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Hydrophilic fumed silica
HMFSIL-380 is a hydrophilic fumed silica with a specific surface area of 380 m²/g.

■Adhesives and sealants

■HTV Silicone Rubber

■Unsaturated Polyester resins

■Themal insulation material

■Vacuum Insulation Panel

■Storage Battery


■Rheology and thixotropy Control of liquids, binders, polymers, etc.
■Used as anti-settling, thickening, anti-sagging agent
■Free flow and Suspension for Powder
■Reinforcement in Silicone Rubber
Packaging and Storae
HMFSIL 380 is packaged in multiple layer 10 kg bags on pallet, or in 160kg flexible intermediate bulk containers on pallets. We recommend to store the product in closed containers under dry conditions and to protect the material from volatile substances. HMFSIL-380 should be used within 2 years after production.

Please download the Product Info (TDS&MSDS) for detailed information.

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