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Our hydrophilic fumed silica is white, innoxious, insipid, amorphous fine chemical powder. Which is with features such as small particle size, large BET surface area, high surface activity and high purity.

Hydrophilic fumed silica performs excellent nature of reinforcing, thickening, thixotropy, insulation, matting, resist sagging, and it is widely used in HTV Rubber and RTV Rubber, painting, coating, plastic, unsaturated polyester, insulation material, agriculture and medical macromolecule industrial fields.

Our product range:

Hydrophilic Fumed Silica: HMFSIL-150, HMFSIL-200, HMFSIL-300, HMFSIL-380

Hydrophobic Fumed Silica: HMFSIL-B120B, HMFSIL-B120H, HMFSIL-B170H, HMFSIL-B210, HMFSIL-230

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